Structure of essay

An essay doesn’t have a standard structure. It shouldn't contain a table of contents, a list of references or a title page. This is a free genre so the author can express himself/herself as he/she wants. The only condition that defines the structure of essay writing is logic. Everything should be built according to the laws of logic.

Essay writing scheme doesn’t depend on the size and is preserved even in a mini-essay. Even though essay has a free form, it still has its structural features. They are attributable mainly to the demands placed on this genre.

All the author's thoughts must be summarized. Each thesis should be supported by arguments. In this case, the latter represent generally known facts, events, phenomenons, objects, scientifically proven facts, etc. The phrase: “My grandmother told me about it” can’t be considered an argument.

The average essay has a small size. It starts with a formulation of the problem and continues with an affirmation of several (usually three) theses and 2-3 arguments to each of them. All that ends with a general conclusion.

Plan of essay

To those who wonder how to write an essay, we can recommend starting with making a plan. It has to reflect the future structure of the essay. The plan defines how to make an essay and forms its framework. It is impossible to understand how to write an essay without making a plan. Even though it can change significantly during the work, you have to make it before writing an essay. To draw a plan, you need to study the topic. After gaining a little experience, you’ll have to read the literature on the chosen theme. Only after that, you can think about the theses and arguments, which should be displayed in the plan.

Common errors in the essay

When considering how to write an essay, we should provide examples of common mistakes.

Organizational errors. These are the mistakes students make even before they get to work. Try to organize yourself. If you can't do this, ask one of your relatives or friends to help you. They need to ensure that nothing holds your back or distracts you (TV, desire to drink tea, dirty dishes, etc.) In this case, you will not have any excuses and get to work.

Content errors. This type of mistakes lies in the technical part of your work. Lack of logic, insufficient substantiation of facts, a small number of arguments and too much unnecessary information will definitely affect your score.

Keep an eye on your literacy. The teacher may not reduce your grade for one mistake (it if isn’t the work on Russian), but if they repeat often, the impression will be spoiled, and you will not avoid sanctions.

Clerical errors. They include everything related to the flaws in the decoration of your work. Remember that there are criteria for evaluating an essay, which include the rules of execution. Don't worry about the latter until your essay is ready.

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